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A revolutionary approach to education

Guided by the philosophy of Ghana's first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, People's School for Positive Education operates with the belief that the tools needed for African liberation lay in independent African philosophy, ideology and critical and creative thinking. The students here are taught to be critical thinkers, responsible leaders, and exceptional scholars. 




At the 10 Year Anniversary celebration students were recognized by family, faculty, community, and their peers for their excellence!


building our leaders

Students envisioned the future they would like to see for Ghana and painted their leadership portraits in this creative workshop taught by a visiting artist from the United States, Jolyn GC.


Did You Know?

  1. People’s School was founded by Mzaza Janet Areener Jones Preston.
  2. People’s School began officially on 15 December 2006.
  3. The school enrolls children from the ages of 5 to 19 years.
  4. The school starts at 1st grade and ends at 9th grade [from class 1 to J.H.S. 3].
  5. People’s School has an enrollment of approximately 260 students.
  6. People’s School employs a staff of 25 adults.
  7. People’s School has a 100% success rate on the Basic Education Certificate Examination to qualify from Junior High School to Senior High School, from 2012 to 2016. (The average success rate in Ghana on the BECE is approximately 43%.)
  8. Nearly every student who graduates from People’s School, not only qualifies for Senior High School, but enrolls in SHS.
  9. 51% of the students enrolled in People’s School are females and 49% are males.
  10. 13 out of the 25 adult staff members are females and 12 are males.
  11. People’s School has a computer lab for Information and Communication Technology instruction.

12. The core subjects studied in People’s School are Math, Science, English Language, Fante Language, African History, Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Citizenship Education, Information and Communication Technology, Environmental Studies, and Pre-Technical Skills.

13. The Parent Teachers Association Financial Secretary donated a well to the school to store water and help with cleaning and sanitation.

14. The school has roofed a dining hall which remains to be completed.

15. People’s School operates with support from people who voluntarily contribute; principled, generous, and good-hearted donors with a strong conscience.

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