"...the right kind of education will produce leaders that the country needs..."


Upon visiting Ghana and seeing a number of children selling goods on the street during school hours, founder, Janet Jones Preston, soon found out why. Some of the families could not afford to pay their young one's education fees and therefore did not enroll them in school. Feeling compelled to do something, Mrs. Jones Preston decided to create a school for the families who needed it most. After refinancing the loan on her home in 2004, and enlisting the help of her son, Akili Mosi Secka, Jones purchased the land that is now The People’s School for Positive Education. Under the support of Jones, private donors, and the operational leadership of Secka, the school has blossomed from having a modest three classrooms and grades, to an educational center holding 260 students with hopes to expand!


What We Stand For


The mission of People's School for Positive Education is to synthesize African culture and history, philosophical consciencism, Nkrumahism, and higher order thinking skills into a dynamic process of positive education. We strive to build our students and staff to their highest level of skill and conscience.

The system of positive education is designed to prepare students for completion of university-level education and leadership in Ghana and Africa, based on principles of egalitarianism, collectivism, and humanism. Positive education also rejects white supremacy and African inferiority to assert the equality of all humanity and the dignity and integrity of the African personality. Through this ideology, students and staff are developed to be "so sensitive to the conditions around them that they make it their chief endeavor to improve those conditions for the good of all".

Nkrumahism, the consistent ideological policies followed and taught by Kwame Nkrumah, which are contained in his speeches, theoretical writings and stated ideas and principles, is used to guide students and staff to serve the masses of people toward an African Union government and a socialist society. It teaches the empowering message that the working masses should own and control means of production and distribution, while opposing foreign domination, exploitation, and neo-colonialism.